Friday, May 9, 2008

Latest earrings collections- fashion accessories

The jewelry a woman wears adds to her beauty and also causes all the more roving eyes notice her. It brings out something special in her, especially the glow on her face. Whether it is a range of gold, silver, platinum, diamond or fashion jewelry it makes a woman look very special. In fact the collection of fashion jewelry for men also make them look different and trendy.
In the ancient days gold jewelry was a mark of wealth and status in society. And this status discrimination has been carried forward into modern day society. Till date, families buy gold every year, as it is means of measuring their wealth-value. The men are particular about the jewelry their wives wear for social functions - it has to be something large and flashy, to prove their affordability. This is a common sight in the traditional families, who live by the age-old conventions. A typical trend scene in places like Delhi, Jaipur, many places of south India, etc.

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