Friday, February 29, 2008

SUMMER / FALL 2005 - Hair Color Trends

Hair color is quite a fashion these days and is a perfect camouflage for gray hairs too. There are many types of hair color available in the market. Permanent hair color mostly has peroxide and ammonia to cover the gray hair. However, the growth of new hair creates a demarcation line and can give away the real reason behind hair coloring.

For the more conservative among us, fall - winter 2006 offers a subtle and beautiful alternative. It's a technique that randomly places multi-hued highlights on hidden layers of hair, so when the hair moves, the colors jump out and create a stunning effect.
Popular base hair colors for fall and winter are deep beige, chestnut, and dark chocolate brunette with highlights in the reddish tones like copper and burgundy.

A new hair color can have a dramatic effect on an otherwise plain hair style.

If you're not after drama, use hair color to compliment your skin tone and highlight your features.

Fall and winter are normally the seasons for rich, dark hair colors, but blondes can have fun too with color technique like "minking".

Popular with the younger generation, minking involves putting vibrant highlights on the under layer of hair so it peeks out through the top layers to create a dramatic, attention-getting effect.

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