Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fashion handbags

Ask a woman what is that she will never leave the house without; and without batting an eyelid she would reply - "My handbag." Yes, every woman requires her purse wherever she goes because in that she carries everything she requires. That is her little treasure case in which the house keys, money, car keys, shopping list, a few cosmetic articles, mouth freshener and cell phone, apart from other things is kept.

Most women prefer to have two or three handbags and purses in their closet. This is because the more they have, the more the confusion about which one they should carry. And unnecessary time is wasted in transferring everything from one bag to another. So, ideally the essential two or three bags make things manageable. So, there will be a black, brown and white, typically. However, the choice differs from person to person.

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