Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pendant a fashion accessory

A pendant is an attractive fashion accessory that comes in many different styles and sizes. They are available in the traditional gold and silver as well as many other materials.
Many people consider the idea of an pendant as a gift for someone who enjoys taking a cruise or has their own sailboat. This is a great idea as it incorporates their love of sailing or boating into their wardrobe.

A fun idea for the man who wants to surprise his wife with the gift of a cruise, is to present her with an pendant and a note that suggests that it’s only a clue of the true gift. Women enjoy wearing an pendant anywhere and it certainly doesn’t have to be worn only when sailing.

The style of pendant you choose is really largely dependent on personal taste. There are hundreds of different styles available in every price range.
One very popular choice is an pendant in silver. Silver is more affordable than gold and is actually becoming a staple in fashion today. Many women like the idea of having silver jewelry as opposed to all gold pieces. It affords them the chance to change an outfit simply by changing the accessories.

Once you find the pendant that you want it’s necessary to find a chain that goes with it. If you are a smaller person, consider a dainty chain that accentuates the delicate curves of your neck. This obviously wouldn’t suit a man who wants to wear an pendant around his neck. The best choice for him will probably be a braided chain.

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