Friday, February 22, 2008

Bridal Bindi

Today, the bindi is more about the mood and occasion. An exhaustive range and a number of tratments makes the bindi come to you in forms such as crystal belly bindis, black belly bindis, eyelash bindis, eye edge bindis, tikka bindis, necklace bindis, nail bindis, intimate bindis, gift bindis, bridal bindis, bindi set & designer bindis, body tattoos, intimate Bindis, Arm/Wrist Bands, zari bindi, glittering bindi, decreto bindi etc. The use of these bindis have made them a global rage.

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Traditionally the bindhi or kumkum is auspicious with the most common colours being red or maroon.
The very positioning of the bindhi is significant. The area between the eyebrows is the seat of latent wisdom. This area is known as the "Agna" - the 6th chakra - meaning "command". It is said to control various levels of concentration attained through meditation. The central point of this area is the "Bindhu" wherein all experience is gathered in total concentration. Tantric tradition has it that during meditation, the kundalini - the latent energy that lies at the base of the spine is awakened and rises to the point of sahasrara (7th chakra) situated in the head or brain. The central point, the bindhu, becomes therefore a possible outlet for this potent energy.
It is believed that the red kumkum lies between the eyebrows to retain energy in the human body.

Today, the kumkum has been largely replaced by the "sticker-bindhi". Made of felt, with gum on one side, this is an ingenious easy-to-use substitute. The sticker-bindhi comes in all colours, all shapes and a variety of sizes. Some are truly exotic creations, using thin metal, in gold and silver colours, encrusted with glittering stones. The bindhi, today is a fashion statement.
Apparently, one that is sweeping the West, judging by the number of young performers sporting bindhis on music channels.

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